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A Safe Holiday For All


The health and safety of our guests is always our top priority. While the overall risk in Australia of contracting COVID-19 in the community remains very low, we’re taking a number of steps to enhance your protection during your holiday. Including but not limited to, following correct hygiene practices including proper hand sanitising procedures and cough etiquette. With hand sanitiser available in our reception area. We are also upholding the highest standard when it comes to cleaning our park facilities and accommodation, ensuring a safe holiday for all.

Benefits of choosing our Holiday Park:

The benefit of choosing our holiday park in these times comes with the very low exposure risk as guests are segregated to their own van and/or villa, as compared to resorts and hotels where common areas and lifts have high volume funnelled traffic that carries more risk than our beautiful holiday park. Everyone loves a holiday and a safe holiday is our top priority. We look forward to seeing you soon at Nobby Beach Holiday Village.  

Park Cleaning and Hygiene Practices

We maintain repetitive cleaning routines throughout each day in all risk areas. Our amenities are cleaned with high grade cleaners, killing all potential virus residue multiple times per day. All contact surfaces in our accommodation are sanitized prior to the next guest’s visit.

Our team are receiving education on personal hygiene and general protocols for reducing the risk of infection and practice proper hand sanitising procedures and cough etiquette and hand sanitizer is regularly available in our reception area for all staff and guests. 

How can you help?

Practising good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene is the best defence against most viruses. You should:

  • wash your hands frequently with soap and running water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet.
  • cover your cough and sneeze, dispose of tissues, and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  • try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • don’t wear a face mask if you are well.
  • if unwell, avoid contact with others (stay more than 1.5 metres from people).
  • Phone your GP first if you need medical attention. They will tell you what to do.
The benefits of staying in our Holiday Park
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